At Kasetsart staduim

Lucky they renovate the staduim  we got a uniqe location. Those rocks are sewer cover so it’s very stink

The photo grapher told the model to laydown on those rock. She a bit hesitate about that becouse those rocks are very stinky.

seem like those rocks are not  stable

It’s very hard to fnd a location for this out fit it’s the last one we took the sun was too strong at that time

Finaly we found this truck with no seem like the model realy like it and want to drive it

Our staff with the model it’s a very hot day the model keep sweating and all of the staff are very tired.

“Getting ready and wait for the wind to come and blow that fabric” Photographer said that to all staff

Here come the wind!!! No not like that!!!

We alway enjoy our Material day out. It really fun and excited.

Today we went to Chinatown area. this area selling everything  in the whole wild world !!! Food, Toy, Fabric, Accessories, Gold, Decoration, Electric equipment etc.

and of cause we went there today to find Material and fabric for I love noname ‘s new design

Not far from Chinatown, take a walk about 5 min.  There is our favorite place “Little India market”. Going there make us fell like we  having a trip to India and back in 1 day !!

The place call Phahurat Fabrics Market (Phahurat Rd and Triphet Rd, 09:00-18:00 daily)

It is a fabrics market on steroids. Thousands of retailers of Indian descent sell fabrics in every color , shape and pattern.

Besides Fabrics, there also got accessories, decoration, and everything that you can imagine of India.